Star Wars Pictures (Characters and Posters)

Found By YodaBlogger On 9:23 PM
As with everything on here, you can get any of the pictures and photos you want. They were either found by me on photo sharing sites or were made by me. So just right click away!

I thought this pic looked pretty cool. Scary, but cool.

A battle Star Wars style.

"Oh, no! It's Pizza the Hut!"
Remember that quote from that movie Space Balls?

I still can't decide which is my favorite The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. Maybe after watching them again for the 2000th time I will figure it out.

Attack of the Clones. This one was much better than Phantom Menace, but not as good as Revenge of the Sith. But that's just my humble opinion...

Phantom Menace. Well, the poster sure did look nice. It would be a tad bit better if Jar-Jar was hidden from view.

The fight between the two Jedi right before Anakin dog paddles in lava.

This is Jabba's weird little pet.

"I think I'm a clone now.
Doesn't seem to be anyone around."

Can't for the moment remember this characters name. For now I will call him "Creepy Dino Dude". His name may be Boosk though.

This is what drugs can do to you, kids.

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